Stock and Pet Feed

We are a part of the Tuckers Buying Group, stocking
all major brands of stock & pet feed and accessories.

• Combo chaff
• Lucern chaff
• Oaten chaff
• Hay square bales Lucern and Lucern/Rye
• Horse museli
• Horse & cattle blocks
• Calm performer
• Horse worming pastes
• Wheat
• Layer pellets
• All types of Dry & Wet Dog & Cat food
• Calf Rearer
• Pig grower pellets
• Bird & Parrot Feed
• Rabbit & Guiena Pig Pellets
• Flea & Worm tablets

We also stock Dog beds and Kennels, all collars and leads, Rabbit & Guinea Pig feeders and lots more in store,
call and see our comprehensive range, we are able to get in most types of feed not already in stock just ask our staff.

We never close, 24/7. Purchase from our store anytime, anywhere at